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EMERGENCY SOFTWARE: Self-Protection Plans and Emergency Management.

HEALTH AND SAFETY SOFTWARE CAD: For Building and Civil Works.


UrbiCAD Health and Safety CAD

From the CAD application it is possible to draw up all the plans necessary to develop the graphics and diagrams for better definition and understanding of the preventative measures defined in the Safety Report, with indication of the technical specifications necessary.

Using the different tools included in the CAD application, it is possible to formalise all the Health and Safety Site Plans (these plans obviously vary in accordance with the type of work: building work, civil works, etc).

UrbiCAD Emergency Management Software


UrbiCAD Emergency Management

The experience of UrbiCAD Emergency Management in case of crisis and its rapid response, make the software is an essential tool to manage any crisis situation, allowing:

  • Face successfully the situation.
  • Reduce the economic impact caused by the emergency.
  • Avoid the situation because of for lack of foresight, bad organization or by an inadequate response.